Vanetia Prendeville


I am a qualifed Yin and Kundalini Yoga teacher.

My first memory of doing yoga was with my mother when I was around 7 years of age. Anytime I had tummy pains or cramps mom had me doing cat stretches, cat cows and like on the landing floor.

So I’ve grown up with a interest in yoga and its philosophy. I’ve been attending yoga’s classes steadily since 2000, mostly Hatha and Vinyasana and never had the urge to train as a yoga teacher until I experienced my first Kundalini Yoga Class. I just has to know more, I didn’t even sign up to become a teacher but now I feel devoted to sharing this incredible technology with as many people as possible.

Kundalini Yoga – it’s like, you start by gently taking a peek inside and you end up finding all the resources you need to navigate this life with grace, honesty and resilience.

My classes are a gentle and safe place to let go and sink deep into relaxation. I run weekly classes around Tralee, Co. Kerry. Check out my facebook page or instagram page for up to date info.

I will guide you through step by step and each class is structured to support your efforts to experience all the benefits of a complete yoga practice. There is much less emphasis on the perfection of a posture and much more attention given to the effects you experience within during the class.

Every physical body is unique and Kundalini Yoga is accessible to every body type. The most important thing that will happen in class is your journey on the mat, your journey with yourself within your scared space, within your precious time.

Kundalini yoga powerfully combines the full spectrum of yogic tools—mantra (sacred sound), asana (posture), mudra (hand position), bandha (body lock), meditation (mindful focus), and pranayama (breathing technique)—to help you experience the benefits starting with your very first class.

I absolutely love teaching this yoga, it is such a powerful tool for self care. With our ever changing, fast paced pressured world we need more powerful and efficient toolkits to protect and maintain a healthy mind, body and soul. Kundalini Yoga gives you just that.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to find out more.
Sat Nam XXX

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