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Kundalini Yoga Aquarian Sadhana in Cork City

Teaching Rooms Wellington Road
Event Start Time: 
Saturday, November 12, 2016 - 05:30

Kundalini Yoga Aquarian Sadhana in Cork city
Venue: Teaching Rooms, Wellington Road

Time: 05:30-08:00

Weekend sadhana, on a monthly basis to unite the Munster sangat!

For further details, please visit our new facebook group Kundalini Yoga Munster Sangat.
Or text Avtarjot on 087-9225564

Kundalini Yoga in the Dawn of the Aquarian Age

I remember listening to the song ‘The Age of Aquarius’ on the radio when I was a little girl growing up in California. It spoke of wondrous things, of a time ‘when love would steer the stars.’ Little did I realize the impact the transition into the Aquarian Age would have on my life and spiritual evolution. We are living in unprecedented times, big change is in the air and many of us are experiencing it on a personal level.


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