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Wishing All a very Happy Christmas

Sat Nam

Wishing all our members and online users a Happy Christmas . May we be happy , may we be well and may we be Holy . Team

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If you are currently running a sadhana you might be interested in the extract from a
Recent email from Guru Fatha Singh Khalsa

Sat Nam from Toronto! I hope all is great with you.

By the grace of God and Guru, our brother, Jot Singh in Massachusetts has put together an online sadhana resource (in English) with a lot of helpful ideas. In my view, one of the best is a global listing of sadhanas so new students or people who are travelling can find a sadhana nearby.

Yoga for Seniors

For the past two years I have had the fortune to work on compiling the Annual magazine for the Active Retirement Ireland - one of Ireland's largest organisations supporting older people. I've included articles promoting the benefits of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and the general well being that can be the reward of cultivating a daily practice.


To Master your Domain


Meditations from
I Am a women


Mantra of the INFINITE Ecstasy and dewelling of God. It expresses the experience of going from darkness into light. (From ignorance to knowledge)

Whahay guroo whahay guroo
Whahay guroo whahay jeeo
Great beyond description is his infinite wisdom

Protective Mantra helps clear karmic blocks from the past. It is an Ashtang mantra (has 8 parts)
It helps cleanse the subconscious mind.

Gobinday , Mukanday, udaaray, apaaray
Hareeung, kareeung , nirnaamay , akaamay

Angels Set

Yoga for Seniors

See article below written by Emer Duffy

Yoga of the Life Force

by Emer Duffy

Mind body exercises such as Yoga have been demonstrated to be an effective holistic, side effect free method to maintain wellbeing. The practice of Yoga and Meditation has boomed over the past decade with people of all ages and walks of life are reaping the benefits. Along with this boom in practice there has also been an increase in research and there is now an impressive amount of evidence to support and encourage us to invest some time in our own well being.


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